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» Communications Technologies Consultancy
Our goal is to assist and enhance connectivity on a Global platform providing partners for long term relationships and investment Groups.
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are no longer a luxury for developing countries. In fact, many of the innovations are emerging from developing countries. They are creating new ways of communicating, doing business, and delivering services. Through extending access to ICTs and encouraging the use of ICTs, Anglo-American Group aims to stimulate sustainable growth and improve service delivery.

Technological progress is a considerable driving force behind economic growth. ICT infrastructure in particular has attracted much investment, and generated significant fiscal revenues and employment opportunities internationally. The number of connected technologies globally has increased and the number of internet users has grown more than tenfold.

With internet penetration at a turning point and with 70 percent of the population in developing countries having access to fixed or mobile telephone services, ICT networks now constitute a far-reaching service delivery and citizen participation platform. Anglo-American Group's communication technologies can be used as a vehicle to increase accountability, and connect your resources in an innovative, fast, and cost-efficient manner.
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Our focus is to benefit both Clients and Countries and Customers (3Cs) through the provision of technology plus growth.
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» OIL & Gas Consultancy
Anglo American Group LLC are extremely capable and organized to deliver energy products and services on a Global Platform. We are an International Consultancy to oil and gas purchasing of bulk quantity D2, D6 and JP54 aviation fuel at discounted prices.

Upstream segment is responsible for oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production.

Downstream segment is focused on delivery and sales for fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals, ammonia and plastics.
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» Global Business Development Consultancy
Our advisory business is a diverse set of prominent corporate clients and an industry-leading Private Equity, Technology and Education Practice.

Anglo-American Group has long aims to be the strategic advisor of choice for World Leaders, CEOs and business leaders by offering clients a steadfast commitment to life-long partnerships with a focus of expertise from the Arabian Gulf Countries.
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» Aerospace & Defense Consultancy
At Anglo-American Group we take our role seriously in shaping your Global capability using our multi lingual high tech platforms and our experts have a passion for and a commitment to being leaders in their respective fields.

As a result, we have an extensive library of Global influential political and Government contacts seeking Joint Ventures and active partners in the USA, as well as reaching with multiple platforms and networks globally connecting and delivering only the very best of capability.
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» Medical Technology Consultancy
The Medical world is changing at a breathtaking pace and never before has evolution occurred in such short periods of time. Anglo American Group is seeking to explore opportunities to partner the latest Medical Technologies and innovations at a Global Level.

We are interested in successful organizations that can adapt to these trends and discover how to treat them as opportunities. We invite you to review these trends and consider how you will adapt and thrive with Anglo American Group as your international partner to share this Medical Technology world using our Global Platform.
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